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Thread: remmy 700 bolt release

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    remmy 700 bolt release

    I have a remmy 700 varmint. i went to put the bolt in when i took it out of the cabinet and the bolt release is stuck in which means the bolt comes all the way out when you rechamber a round.I have not had time to strip it and look yet but am wondering if it is still safe to fire or does the bolt stop also act as another safeguard against the pressure

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    Shoot it if you want to. It's safe. Really though? A screw driver will have the gun apart in about 2 minutes.~Muir

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    thank muir just taken it apart,seems to be sticking,soaking in oil now.If that doesnt solve it may just have to replace the spring

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    Don't clean it with oil. Use solvent. It is most likely a build up of oxidized oil that is causing the stick.~Muir

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    had to take it apart and clean all the moving parts then dried them put it back together all working perfect.just took it out and checked zero.All good ready for a fox tonight

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    Quite often you find that if the forward trigger hanger pin is too far across (leaving little or no clearance for the bolt stop to swivel) this causes issues when crud builds up - leaving a "sticky" feeling bolt release.

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    A spraycan of cyclists' chain cleaner is useful, but just in case of a bit of lube in the mixture, I'd always put a piece of clean rag into the action to cover the mag and chamber area.
    Its amazing how some oils can change into a sticky wax and gather fine crud.
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