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Thread: Best Moderator ??

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    Best Moderator ??

    Im currently using a pes. mod on a .243 and thinking of changing to a a-tek cmm-4
    lightweight mod. Give us your views thanks ?

    Uncle Buck

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    Jet Z Compact...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Have been using a T8 reflex for some time and while at local RFD he showed me the new a-tek and that looks and feels the business, however if you are going to be reeling off large amounts of shells at the range I'd suggest that you query the suitability as I got the impression that the baffles may start to wear if firing 250 + rds per year? I may have picked up that bit wrong? but worth a check, incidently this kit is very clever with the baffles screwing off and replacements can be fitted easy as pie.
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    I have the new ATec CMM 4 and think its is very good...

    I would suggest that if you are going to be doing a lot of constant range work then the Moderator being Aluminium it heats up very fast and therefore 10 + quick fire rounds maybe too much for it...

    However for me as a stalking moderator it is fantastic, even my father last week commented on how much nicer my rifle was to carry than my 6.5 with an over barrel PEZ which he was stalking with...


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    The problem with 'best moderator' is that:

    a) it's difficult to chop and change mods (need variation etc), so not many people have tried many makes. Therefore people will recommend the one they have if they are satisfied with it and are not able to compare with others.
    b) there is always a compromise - weight vs. sound reduction vs. size vs. maintainability vs. build quality etc. 'Best' to you might be too heavy to someone else, or 'too bulky' to someone else - everyone's requirements are different.

    There is definitely a need for someone to do a test of all the mods on the market and score to the above criteria then people could choose based on their priorities. There was a field test a few years back I'm sure but I'm not sure the results were too useful...


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    Lawrance Precision

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    As per my post above, it would be great if you could qualify your recommendations with some reasons. Just shouting out the mod you have can only be of limited use I would have thought!


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    Ok Alex

    Used a T8 for number of years on .243 Was unhappy with its bulk and ended up putting a sleeve over it to reduce its twang ( im sure somebody else can elaborate ) cant think of better word at mo.

    There are those that argue the T8's poor condition after a relatively short time and those that have shot one happily for years.

    Despite thorough cleaning mine did have pit marks around the end.

    The Jet Z Compact imho is quieter a lot less bulky and as i chose to have my rifle shortened at the same time as it had to be machined to take the mod it balanced out my .308 much more nicely.

    I think with the advancement in mods why lug around something as cumbersome and bulky when theres no need/ benefit..

    just my personal experience bud

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Jackson Rifles home page

    Contact the above and speak to Dennis Groom. He will give you an honest opinion based on what you want to use it for and the rifle/calibre you intend fixing it to. Apparently Peter Jackson carried out a DB test on various models of moderators and I'm sure Dennis will be able to tell you which performed the best re noise level at least. Jackson's distribute a large number of moderators to the trade so they have handled a lot more different makes than the average stalker.

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