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Thread: 202 trigger pull

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    202 trigger pull

    Anyone know how to adjust trigger weight on a newish 202 classic, I want to drop my one down a tad, anyone out there how can point me in correct direction, would appreciate any help. deerwarden.

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    Not sure what you do to adjust the standard trigger pull but the set pull is adjusted by the small allen key screw behind the guard,mine was set very light when i got it and i adjusted that up to a provide a reasonable amount of pull for use in the field seems to work quite well,the full manual is available as a download on sauers website.
    ATB Neil.

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    Agreed the small screw on the trigger gard mine is light on the set and heavy on the standard

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    Thanks guys mine the same, just needs to be a tad lighter on the main trigger, some F.C.areas are I've heard banning the use of set triggers, great in a high seat tho. cheers deerwarden

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    Deerwarden i did have a problem every time i made my set trigger lighter my main trigger went heavy. I had steve bowers look at it i dont know what he done but hey its ok now. 3.5 lb on the main and 1 lb on the set.

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