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Thread: Evening stalk in Hampshire

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    Evening stalk in Hampshire

    I met Dave at 16:00 hours and drove to the range to check zero on my rifle. Dave gave me loads of instant tips on reducing my group size, for which I am very grateful. Afterwards we retired to the farm workshop for tea and Donuts!!!!! ..... The banter was brilliant. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in all my life.

    At 19:00, we went out stalking, after an hour of walking about and seeing several small roebucks, none of which I reall wanted to shoot as I was looking for a trophy. Also saw a large group of 100+ Fallow which was brilliant to see.

    Dave's phone beeped and it was Mike who was watching a trophy roebuck rutting on the other side of the estate. Dave asked Mike to come and get us as we were only seeing smaller bucks where I was.

    On arriving on the other side of the estate, which was more open than the wooded area we had been stalking previously. Mike pointed out a magnificent animal running around after a doe in the middle of a stubble field. It wasn't going to be an easy stalk as it was very open.

    We stalked half way down a short hedgerow, but then had to stop as we would have been exposed. Dave said it would be best to crawl another 100 metres to a slight ridge and hope the buck would come closer to us. After about 30 minutes of watching the buck chasing the doe, a collossal buck entered the 'fray', Dave estimated it to be at least a silver medal.

    The larger buck started fighting with the smaller buck, who did not hang around to get injured and ran ...... Directly towards us! Well within range of my 308.

    The buck stood broadside on looking back at the doe he had just left. Dave gave me permission to shoot the smaller buck, which I did without hesitation. The buck ran 50 yards and fell dead in the stubble field. Dave suggested we wait for five minutes until we made sure the animal was dead. To my amazement the big buck continued to chase the doe not 200 yards from us.

    After Dave had showed me step by step how to gralloch the deer, Mike turned up with the Landrover to pick up the beast, and informed us that the large group of Fallow were only a stone's throw away, and that I could shoot a pricket for free if the opportunity arose.

    Dave and I stalked into range of the group but as the light faded, it was difficult to pick out a suitable animal amongst the group.

    I was a bit apprehensive as one person on the Stalking Directory had PM'd me with negative feedback, but I was absolutely delighted that the 'advice' I had been given proved unfounded, as these guys are absolutely brilliant to be out stalking with, and are the absolute professionals, and I would not hesitate to recomend them to everyone. I am hoping to take my DSC Level 1 with them later in the year.

    Yours Peter (Porky308)

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    Nice write up porky it sounds like you had a great time and well done on your first trophy roe.

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    Congratulations Porky.

    Any pics?

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    great write up, do you have a contact info are they listed on the dir?


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