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    hello guys,
    quick ankle update for you.

    I went into hospital on thursday expecting a mosiac plasty. (bits of my knee gratfed into my ankle).

    Unfortunately the broken down area of the ankle had got to big for this and too close to the edge. So i went in and they drilled out the areas that had broken down. They then put bits of coral in the holes.

    This should mean that in time my bone grows into the coral like a scaffold and it should replace the knackered area of bone.

    the surgeon had to break my leg to do the operation so he has screwed it back together. I am in plaster and it hurts like billyo.

    The long term prognosis is not as good as if they did the mosiac plasty. but it should be ok. I am hoping to be on my feet by the roe rut.

    A lot of guys have sent me emails with thier best wishes. Thanks for this.


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    Hi Steve,

    That sounds painful - hope it's not too long before you're back on your feet and completely moblie.


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    Best wishes Steve hope the outcome of the op is good and you are soon out and about bounding round the woods again.
    Regards FB

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    Good luck and all the best with your recovery Swampy. It all sounds bloody horrible and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! 'Coral' how strange, I just hope they scrubs the crabs and barnacles off first! You wouldn't want either hanging around your neither regions. At this rate you will have to change your name from 'Swampy' to 'Salt water lagoon'.

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    All the very best to you Swampy. Please explain more about the coral, sounds fascinating if a bit bloody sci fi. Was it brain coral, or stags head coral? One would seem more appropriate for a stalker, the other for a politician, I leave it for you to decide.

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    Don't call yourself Nemo, Swampy. He was a troll on here for about 2.5 minutes!

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    I must have been on cloud cookoo land swampy I never knew!! But all the best mate get better soon theres deer out there with your name on them!!


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    best wishes swampy
    hope it's a quick recovery as the roe rut is not to far away
    take care and take it easy

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    I hope you have a speedy recovery and you are back in those woods very soon.
    Many thanks for all your help.
    All the best mate,

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