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Thread: Zeiss Victory PRF 8x26 rangefinder

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    Zeiss Victory PRF 8x26 rangefinder

    Has anyone used a Zeiss Victory PRF 8x26 rangefinder? Are they ok for general spotting as well as range finding? I know it wont replace my bins but I thought it may be a lightweight alternative when out and about.



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    Yes I have a pair and carry with my binos.
    For quick recon they would be fine and are clear and good in poor light.
    The bullet drop feature is really good and a hand feature especially on the foxes.
    Well worth every penny.

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    A great bit of kit, well worth the money. Great clarity and good enough for scanning around. I wouldn't suggest they could replace your binos for a whole day out but ok for a short stalk or scout around.

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    i just bought a pair of zeiss 8x45 with the build in rangefinder.A brilliant bit o kit , well worth the money, i can reccommend them to any one

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