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Thread: Tooley Custom 7mm-08 Ackley

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    Tooley Custom 7mm-08 Ackley

    Custom 7mm-08 Ackley hunting rifle, built for me by Dave Tooley of North Carolina

    Pillar bedded trued & blued Remington short action, floor plate NOT DM.

    Fluted & lightened with Sako extractor.

    Jewell trigger set at 2lb with Remington safety.

    23" stainless Kreiger #5 profile, fluted, recessed crown & standard twist ( 1-9" ) threaded for mod 1/2" UNF

    McMillan hunter, dark green/grey camo.

    This rifle is sub moa accurate, as new condition and fired less than 250 rounds.
    The first 100 rounds were fire forming & barrel break in.
    Barrel was broken in using the Sinclare method so is very easy to clean.

    Rifle comes complete with:
    Leupold VX11 4.5-14x42 with Adj Obj (1" tube) Scope is as new and no marks or scratches + perfect glass. With B/C flip up covers
    Leupold QR rings & bases
    All fire formed brass, new brass (
    100/150) + 50 loaded rounds.
    Set of Redding comp dies and Wilson seater die (arbor press only).
    Remington black cordura sling.

    Please note: Scope shown on rifle in pictures IS NOT the scope for sale with the rifle in this advert


    Will swap BARE RIFLE ONLY for NEW Zeiss Victory Diavari 2.5-10x50T IR 60 or IR Rapid Z5.

    Will sell BARE RIFLE ONLY for 1,500.00.

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    very nice looking rifle you have ,will you take 1500 for the rifle, cases and dies.

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    Bolt in and no ammo, 9lb

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