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Thread: Make sense of this!

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    Make sense of this!

    I tried to order some expanding ammo yesterday via courier. I was unaware that this was not possible. But, i could order non expanding ammo! Can anyone else work this one out, or have i been fed the incorrect information. Thanks.

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    Expanding bullets are classed as ammunition.Non expanding bullets are not.Mail order ammunition sales are prohibited,but mail order non expanding bullet sales are not.You did know this didn't you?

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    As above. Expanding bullets are section 5 and are legally considered as live rounds. Non expanding bullets are legally just bits of copper and lead.

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    I did not know this. Another one i cannot fathom. Cheers.

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    eddie:- you have PM.... callie

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    That's one of the reasons some people use Hornady A-Max and the like for Deer and Fox shooting. In the states they are regarded as suitable for smaller game but here they are "non expanding"? So you can mail order them whenever you need them rather than having to drive miles to a RFD and you don't have a hold limit on the number you can store (which applies to section 5 expanding - a bullet counts as a round whether loaded or not).

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    Well if they do and they get caught they could well get more than a sticky smack on the leg



    • Ultra-low drag tip
    • Aerodynamic secant ogive delivers flat trajectories
    • Excellent uniformity and concentricity
    • Jacket precision drawn for unequaled consistency
    • Delivers consistent accuracy at all ranges

      *Match bullets are not recommended for hunting medium & large game.

    The last bit probably covers it.

    But the choice is yours it,s your licence not mine,I will stick with the long drive and sst,s

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    • Streamlined for ultra-flat trajectories.
    • Polymer tip for rapid expansion and maximum energy transfer.

    Match-grade jacket delivers surgical accuracy.
    • Heavy construction with InterLock® feature delivers deep penetration every time.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    madness isn't it. if you travel through europe you can pick up all the kit you need to re load as different things are restricted in different countries.
    here in Germany its the powder. everythin else you can buy.
    In holland i believe its the primers, everything else you can buy. there was a dutch company doing a roaring trade in cat litter to Germany a while back, packed in 500g tubs.
    I bet the reloading supplies guys on mainland europe would do a roaring trade in bullets to the UK.

    so much for a Unified Europe eh..

    ha. it actualy states in black and white ( well blue and white) on my German European Firearms Pass that this is the only document required for travel with firearms listed within in any European country. try letting that to the boys in blue when they want to see a visitors permit.

    the mind boggles.


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