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Thread: Not all poloticians are ignorant - who knew?!

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    Not all poloticians are ignorant - who knew?!

    I just thought I'd post a comment following my meeting with Harrogate's MP in response to the BASC email pro forma which was prompted by the events in Cumbria.

    Andrew Jones met with 3 BASC members and the whole discussion was almost unncessesary. He admittedly had some, but little experience of shooting sports. That being said, he completely understands the importance of rural interests and sports. He clearly stated that regardless of the many manifestos making their way around the houses of parliament - he would never contribute to or advocate any restriction on shooting sports. He continued to add that he would vote in favour of repealing the ban on fox hunting with dogs. The final point was completely un prompted.

    Quite refreshing really.


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    If his lips were moving he was lying

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