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Thread: iron sights

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    iron sights

    Just wondered if anyone uses open sights on here.I am sure in woodland where you are only shooting short distances that they would be fine and very quick to mount and shoot at a deer that appears all of a sudden

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    Yes, I do.
    Mostly I use 357mag at indoor range with ghost ring sights.
    Today I used for the first time a 7.62 target rifle at 600 yards with appature sights. GREAT FUN.

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    Grew up using iron sights. 22lr was deadly out to 100yds. telescopic sights are a reletively new addition as is the gismos. Stalking was simple. Rifle, rope, stick.knife bins and piece were the requirements.

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    Yes I am learning to proper use of sporting aperture sights. I have equipped several rifles with them and also have target rifles with the, both small bore and full bore (.22 L/R and 7.62x51). Having the correct type fore sight is important for live quarry to be effective and it's different to that required for target shooting. Once i get proficient enough for my satisfaction I shall try them on game.

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    I shoot them regularly and with pleasure. Many of my hunting rifles sport receiver (aperture) sights and many more have plain open sights. I consider the plain "open" sights reliably accurate for 50 - 100 yards and receiver sights out to 150 on the larger hooved game we have here in the states. This group was shot off hand at 40 yards using my 8x57 Husqvarna bolt action this afternoon. This is eight shots.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This rifle has fixed elevation and driftable windage but no other convention for sight adjustment. I bring this up as a foible of iron sight shooting. Some times you need to load what the sights dictate when you shoot iron sights, rather than shooting what you want to shoot. ~Muir

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    You can say that again. I could never find a load to shoot tot eh sights with my 9.3x57. if they got the variation right then I will have the 9.3 back on to shoot instead of collection only and I can get back to working on loads for it. I might even break down and D&T it for a receiver sight. I believe I have one on hand that might fit.

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    I do smallbore out to 100 yards and fullbore out to 1000 yards, I personally find seeing the aiming mark at 900-1000 yards quite tough, though you are allowed an eagle eye (magnifier) it can be problematic!

    Depending on your foresight, it may be possible to use a post type element which could work on live quary, or even modify it to a barley corn style... The trouble is not iron sights not being accurate, more that deer don't walk around with nice round aiming marks on a white background!

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    More on topic: I reckon if you wanted a faster target acquisition and shooting, and your rifle wasn't already equiped with irons, you'd probably find it a lot easier to acquire/install a low magnification scope which would be easier to use and be a bit more flexible if it could zoom, something like a 1-4x24

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    Indeed. I wouldn't put on iron sights to a rifle not shipped with them. I would look up a good 1.5-4.5X Variable. It surely simplifies things. As Brit implied, using iron sights requires practice because deer don't move around with neat aiming spots on their sides! ~Muir

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    Yup ! Jimbo - and a jacket with plenty of pockets. We also carried a Ross - later Gray's 25X telescope with a light waterproof tied round it with string.

    I have trouble getting all three object focussed now - front and rear sights and the object to hit, but it still happens with a bit of habit and brainwashed memory. (Not at deer, but crows etc.)
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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