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Thread: sako 591 movement between action and stock

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    sako 591 movement between action and stock

    as title suggests. friend has a 591 and there ia a tiny bit of play between action and stock ( the trigger and guard does not move). I assume this is a fault? I am not about to fanny about with someone elses shooter so not in a position to remove stock and have a look. What do you think the problem is?(assuming this is a problem).
    Gun shoots ok 1" at 100.

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    Hi Pete, the 491/591/691 actions all depend on a separate recoil lug which sits in the stock and a cylindrical pip through which the front action screw threads. The action screw goes through the lug too. The inletting of the pocket in which the lug sits is typically generous. You therefore tend to get lateral movement between action and stock. The solution is to do away with the floating recoil lug and to bed the action on two ally pillars. This removes the lateral play and stops the action flopping about like a fish on dock. That series of action can shoot very well indeed given the correct treatment.



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