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Thread: Herefordshire far

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    Herefordshire far

    Herefordshire Rut........... so far

    This has taken a while to get photos and stuff due to it being manic here at the mo but here goes......

    31st July
    Went to a perm that boundries another one which luckily is only 5 mins down the road. The farmer has planted a small orchard right next to the wood which we used to have a beat one stand one shoot( sadly no more). The farmer had said he has had roe for a while and was now concerned that they might start fraying his new apple trees.
    Have been there quite a few times but with now luck so as the rut might be one I decided to take the buttulo with me. Stalked along the headland around the wood until I got to a dividing hedge which came out from the wood. Plenty of our little black and white friends had been moving in and out of the wood into the wheat but the were 2 places which were a lot taller so I thought I would go up the hedge so I could cover the wood.
    Let it settle down for a while and started calling, 5mins later I notice a clump of russet colour grass which wasn't ther before. Bugger me a buck had popped out of the wood. looking through the scope i gave him another call up went his head and i took a low neck shot. good sound came back and saw him drop to the shot.
    Gave him 5 mins and went over to the strike piont, could see him kicking his legs so went up tested for eye reflex, stilll movement so knifed in the atlas joint and job done.

    48lbs. never seen so much fat around the kidneys, from the pelvic opening all the way to the diaphragm.

    3 firsts that night
    1.First buck off this piece of ground
    2.First beast to new 30-06 set up
    3.First Roe I have called

    2nd August
    Went to another perm and took a lad out who had never been stalking before so he came out as an observer.He is an auctioneer so might lead to more ground.
    Stalked along one hedge up to the wood and made our way along the headland to a piont where we could see the bottom corner of the wood. wiated for it to settle down and gave the call again but no luck this time.
    We waited 'till last light . Time up was 10 o'clock this eveing so it was 9.45 and i decided to get our stuff together and head back to the first field to see what was there one the way back to the car.
    One last look with the bins reveiled a roe at the bottom corner out in the grass. So I said to my guest wait here and I crawled out of the headland into the field about 6ft so I could see the roe . nothing to be seen . Looked to the right and all i saw was 2 white tips in the gloom of this buck coming up the field. He new somthing was not right, and paused, went for neck shot but he moved . He did this 3 times until he was about 40m away and winded me . off he went so I barked at him. he stopped 70-80m away braodside on. Thump came back. Good sound and he took off for the wood at high speed. **** i thought he has made it over the fence but I didnt hear him go over.
    Gave him a good 15mins to lie up. Went to the strike point by this this time it is dark. No pins no paint!!! Doulbe **** I thought. covered the headland up and down for a good 20mins.No sign of him at all.

    Now I am getting this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that I have a runner in the dark. So retraced our stepps but went further up the headland(which are conservation ones so the grass is 4ft tall > I decided to walk tight against the fence line which had 6ft bracken growing over it , pushed and pushed until I got opposite the strike piont and there he was all tucked up at the bottom of the fence dead!
    Dragged him out into the field good entry behind left leg bloody exit just infront of the rear right leg. No blood trail due to the exit had been plugged by the green. So a very quick gralloch and cleaned him out the best i could. He had bleed out inside due to the whole body cavity full of blood and you know what.

    41lbs larder weight

    Not a bad start!!!!!!


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    Brilliant account! A pair of very good animals there. Both very prominent brow tines and upper tines sloping forwards. Is that characteristic for the area?

    Now I am getting this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach
    Know exactly how you feel. Question for the old hands, does that feeling ever go away? Apart from the ones that just drop the ones that run a bit always leave my heart in my mouth regardless of how sure I was about the shot and how many different reactions I have seen. I think that feeling is part of the whole thing and the feeling of relief after finding the carcass and seeing the shot was good is like nothing else!


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    well done jonathon, a cracking start

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    A,up Jonathon,

    Great pickies and write up bud..

    Dont forget its good to share ...


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Good for you Jonathon



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    Well done Jonathon, two very nice bucks, with a very good account of events,


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    Well done jonathon two nice bucks and a good honest write up

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    Well done Jonathon,great write up,youve some nice bucks there,what 30-06 set up did you get in the end ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Brilliant account! A pair of very good animals there. Both very prominent brow tines and upper tines sloping forwards. Is that characteristic for the area?
    The first buck, if looked at head on. The antler formation is a 'V' shape which the pedicles very close together and the coronets touching. i have taken another one on the next door estate, about half a mile, had the same formation. Obviously same gene pool.
    The second buck, if looked at head on. The antler formation is straighter and wider at the base, if looked at side on he has a nice 'S' formation. Also have taken bucks off this area which all have the same formation.
    The 2 areas are about 3 miles apart as the crow flies, so it's interesting how different the formations differ.
    Will post some pics of the heads when they have dried out after boiling.

    Thanks for all the replies guys.

    got another T3 in the end. Another jet Z and a 6x42 S+B

    Terry, when you are up again this way PM me.

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    Nice one Jono, very good bucks those. You didn't get another heavy old T3 Varmint in 30.06 did you?

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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