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Thread: Ladder traps

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    Ladder traps

    A farmer friend of mine is looking for a ladder trap.

    Any info on where one could be bought or where i could get some drawings on how to build one would be gratefully received.

    Located near Glasgow.


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    If you Google 'Ladder Traps' you will find a number of pictures, should be about 8x6 ft. The ones I have seen work well. Not hard to make. 220 swift is more entertaining.

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    Try Game and Country in Selkirk,they should do them
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    Scroll down the linked page for dimensions/drawing


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    Some good info and pics/diagrams on this forum thread:

    300+ jackdaws and rooks over 4 days! I'd better get building!

    BTW: just seen there's a .pdf plan document to download down at the bottom of the first page, but you have to register with them to get access to it.
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