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Thread: A few from Suffolk.

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    A few from Suffolk.

    Just joined the forum, mainly to get some teckel info but have been drawn to the site. Rifle now exchanged for a DSLR but already feeling the limitations of a 300mm lense. Thought I'd share a few

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    I know what you mean about the lens, but am new to DSLR and still very much in the practice mode!

    One day I will have one of those super telescopic ones with image stabaliser

    Keep up the good work.



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    Like the one of the doe in a cereal field, love to see roe at any time not just thro a scope. Captured me 30 years ago a roe doe tip toeing thro low brambles, keep them coming, I like your simple direct pictures welcome to the site, I stalk in Suffolk where are you. deerwarden

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    Nice one KeithE

    Thanks for shareing the pic's and welcome to the site.

    Like Deerwarden said " keep em coming"


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    Thanks guys. I know I've got some way to go and should really make the effort to take a tri-pod but I am mainly out for an enjoyable stroll and the pics are a bonus.
    Heres a few other than deer.

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    Those are some cracking pics. keep em coming!!!


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