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Thread: Frankonia telescopic sight

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    Frankonia telescopic sight

    Has anyone heard of this make of sight ? It states its made in Germany ?

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    Frankonia are firm that sells hunting gear. I have a copy of their catalogue, but it's in German - although the pictures are pretty . Didn't know they sold their own make of scopes, so cant help you with that. However here's the link to their site - i put it through the google translator and it seems to work ok. Let me know how you get along


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    I have been informed that they rebadge Docter scopes

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    Whilst on a trip to bavaria for wild boar, I went to Frankonia in Darmstadt and what a super shop. There have numerous shops across Europe and they
    are clean, tidy and pleasant. Very helpful staff.

    A bit like Harrods with wellies !!

    Online newsletter available.


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    Doctor Optic make scopes for Frankonia, several models. they are a good scope,. not S&B, Zeiss or Swarovski, but a good scope all the same.

    Brianm.. did I accompany you on the Darmstadt trip? you must have been Boar hunting in Eschau ? was that in the older Frankonia shop I wonder, they built an even nicer place just round the corner with its own underground car park.

    rgds Pete

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