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Thread: How about an 'Articles Section'?

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    How about an 'Articles Section'?

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    How would we all feel about including an articles section to the forum? This would be for the budding writers amongst us to share our thoughts, interests and observations on any number of subjects with the rest of the site. A bit like the stories you find in the shooting press but without having to fork out any money to read them.

    What do you think?

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    sounds like a good idea as i hav to keep going back through the pages in discussion to find other stories that hav been posted as i like a good read and some of those are getting lost amongst all the other topics
    i hav a few nice memories i would like to share, just never felt it appropiate to do so so in general discussion,
    mind you, i am a crap writer
    so probaly a good job i never
    atleast this way you could go straight to the post and not hav to look at at the different topics hoping you could remember if for eg i once remember that first wild boar i shot of sticks story was in the wild boar section or in the section where there are 3 topics about sticks
    good idea go for it

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    Mr B you and the members have some of mine already I can write many more but resist because I do not want to seem that I am hogging the site. I have many to tell including some funny ones (two gay hunters springs to mind that I had as clients about 12 years ago).

    I will tell if people want it

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    This is it Sikamalc! I think people would sit a read through an article on an article section. General Discussion is a short snappy writing section I feel.

    The Gay hunters story you have told me and I'd very much like to see it on the site. Infact I think that the articles section would be like sitting down after a hard day doing whatever, pouring a drink and loosing yourself in the moment.

    I had a Christmas article written up for last year but with my dog having to be put down the day before Christmas Eve I didn't feel like posting it.

    As for members saying 'I can't write or my spelling is terrible'! Well write it as a word document and use the spell check or ask a friend to proof read it for you. Better still just bloody well write it and get it on the site! We are stalkers not the English Literature Department of Oxford University!

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    I hope you dont mean me & andy when you say gay hunters I mean you did think we looked like right said fred & all that
    im watching you
    Anyway it was andy who was wearing the tights that morning so pick on him

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    Hi guys

    (Jack a nory )corner with sikamalc and others sounds great i realy enjoy what i have red so far and so dose my OH . and that help's when i'm on here and should be doing something else please more stories


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    OK here we go.

    Well as you know I run a small hunting business, custom building hunts for all the British species, plus Africa. Most of my clients over the years have been American, and although most folk are not over enthusiastic about yanks, I have to say as a rule I have had mostly very good people over the last 25 years.

    However there have been the odd moments in my career whilst guiding and running a business that I look back on and can now smile about

    For the sake of peoples identity I will call the two clients A and B, they were both from the east coast of America.

    A was a dentist who was supposed to be an experienced hunter, and happened to be a friend of a long standing client of mine who also is a dentist. B was hunting buddy of A and was also an experienced hunter. Both of the two clients had their own rifles, and were stalking for a week in the highlands of Scotland for Red Stag and Japanese Sika, plus some wildfowl if time allowed. They were sharing a very large farm house with 3 other American clients, and as I was particularly busy that year, I was running another hunt about an hours drive away with another group of Americans, and two other guides who I employ for the season.

    The trouble started at Inverness airport, where both myself and another professional guide (George) who I employ were waiting for the two clients off the London flight. Early October and the height of the rut, Inverness airport is busy with many overseas clients coming and going. The plane had emptied and as usual, we were both looking out for our two clients. And after a number of years one is fairly used to picking out the client/clients from the crowd.

    In the far corner of the arrivals lounge stood two characters that had become the amusement of a number of folk. One man was about 5ft tall, small pony tail ( I hate ponytails on men) and was wearing yellow tinted glasses and dressed in full buck skins, jacket, trousers the bloody lot, and looking like Colonel Custer at the battle of the Bighorn . The other man had a pony tail down to his arse, and was in a designer suit that had creases in you would cut yourself on, and was dancing about like he had a handful of deer ticks in his pants . My guide and I looked at each other and almost instantaneously both said Ohhhh F...CK they cant be our clients.

    Yes they were After stowing their luggage in the truck we headed north, and from the instant we left the airport, it started. ********!!!

    They proceeded to tell us how good a shots they were, and how they wanted to shoot anything they saw, and would pay for it. After about 30 minutes of this I told them they would shoot with luck what they had paid for, and that it would be up to me if they could shoot anything else. This hunt looked like turning into trouble with a capital T.

    Having dropped them off at the lodge, I left the two clowns with my team, which consisted of the local keeper and his wife who are good friends of mine, plus another husband and wife team who were looking after the other clients and helping with the guiding.

    After a couple of days I got a phone call from the keepers wife, who was laughing so much on the phone should could hardly speak. She decided I should come over and have dinner with the clients the next evening. And that the client with the long pony tail and suit had become a real pain in the arse. On my arrival with appropraite wine etc, I found the keepers wife preparing dinner, the clients were all up stairs. She could not control the laughing and I guessed there was a problem. It was not until my other friend and his wife came into the kitchen that I got the full story. Both A and B were gay boys and had moved into the same room and to top it all everything they had was brand new and they could not hit a barn door at 10yds. Also A with the glasses was also just about the loudest, blind hunter, with a perpetual wind problem that ruined that days stalking and through his incompetence and farting and coughing had ruined the chance of a 12 point stag at about 60yds in the forest they were hunting, which did not sit well with Martin the keeper, his wife was crying with laughing so much.

    The evening was further enhanced by B trying to grab the wine from the lady client who was also in the lodge. I had to interupt him by asking him politley but firmly to refill the lady's glass first, after I had first charged everyones glass. Both A and B were a bloody night mare, they were the hunters from hell !! B eventually shot a Red Stag from a high seat, and then gave up hunting anything else, as the early mornings played havoc with his skin and hair ( yes he was the hairdresser to A, who had paid for the trip)

    A managed to miss 4 Red Stags in 3 days, but more by luck hit a Roe Buck, and managed to take a very very small Sika, otherwise he would have left with nothing. I was never so glad as to deliver these two idiots back to Inverness.

    They never came back.

    However, I must say that generally I have had good clients, some have been life long friends, many I have stayed in their homes in the states, some even on holiday with them and had my wife and youngest daughter with me. One year I had two new rifles given to me, and also George was given a new 30.06. Some have joined me in Africa, and some have stayed at my modest cottage in Kent as my guests.

    When I am too old to stalk anymore I shall write a book. So Andy and Nick you can breath a sigh of relief it was not about you two. Mind you Nick you did say you were once a hairdressing, skateboarding, Prarrie Dog Hunter.

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    can i hav a signed copy of this book
    as this will be one hell of a read

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    I'll second stone on that a signed copy of your book malc when you have written it mate. I should imagine it will be a interesting and informative read, dont forget a few photo's in the book as well, so there is something for beowulf to look at lol sorry mate couldn't resist.

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    Good reading, you are very good at putting "Pen to Paper," or "keys to monitor", I also want a signed copy!!


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