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Thread: 25-06 or 30-06

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    25-06 or 30-06

    Hi everyone,

    My firearms certificate is coming up for renewal and I am looking add another calibre. The reason for this new rifle will be for larger deer species such as red, as at present I only have a .243. I know there is quite a margin between the calibres I have chosen but I like the flat shooting ability of each of the rounds and they will both be able to handle larger deer. If anyone has any advice, opinions or other suggestions then that would be great.

    Thanks, Phil.

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    I have shot .25-06 for far to many year's to mention, shot and shoot "ALL" six species of Deer i mainly cull Fallow and Big English Red's. I would put my life on this cal. My stalking partner use's a .30.06 Kill's no better or further than the .25. But .30-06 has more bullet range and can be used abroad, But louder. kick's more (even with mod) if you reload use's more powder etc. .25 is quieter, mod it an you can see bullet strike, load a 75gr V-MAX awesome fox varmint round load a good quality 120 or 117 bullet job done. IMHO only you can decide on what you hope to stalk in the future. .25 will do all you want in British Isles' .30-06 you can take it abroad or you could go between and go for a 6.5x55?????? Good luck

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    Of the two i own and use a 25-06. However considering you already have a .243, i'd opt for the 30-06 - especially if intended for the larger species. The 25-06 is great but lacks the variety of 30 cal. bullets and therefore flexibility on the range or on the hill.
    I'd have a 30-06 myself, but i already own a 308.

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    The thirty-aught-six. It has an unprecedented selection of load and bullet combinations. An American gun writer once wrote, many decades back, that a shooter could shoot two already well-established loads for the 30-06 every weekend and die of old age before he got to the end of the list. I believe him.~Muir

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    Got to agree with Muir you can just about cover everything with a 30.06 and if you already have a .243 then the 06 will complement it well,i have both myself and to be honest for stalking now its the 30.06 i take ,causes far less bruising than the smaller faster bullets IMO and puts them down much quicker.I'm not very recoil sensative myself and don't hardly notice any difference between shooting the two calibres and thats unmoderated although my 06 weighs around a pound heavier than the .243, if you homeload its the way to go IMHO.

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    Why 30-06? Providing you don't intend to flirt 180+ lumps of lead around the countryside on a regular basis I'd make a bid for a 308. Whichever way you go you certainly need a 30 cal to go with your 243 as in my opinion a 25-06 is too close in performance to warrant the expense of a new set up.



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    25-06 would be the better cal as bullets would be easier to purchase and they do the job fine, i`ve stalked sika for years with the 25-06 and it knocks them down even at 400 yards using 117gr.

    cheers buckie

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    Horses for courses - you need to decide - maybe - if you'll need a heavier bullet at some stage.
    As I mentioned elsewhere, on the matter of simple killing - it's the reaction of the bullet which counts INSIDE the body. If you want a big round-nosed bullet to push light twigs or grass aside at a slower pace but kill efficently at close ranges in thick cover, then maybe the 30-06.
    Explosive lighter bullets can create huge damage.

    A lot depends on where your big reds will be - open moor or mixed tree cover, and what the desired end results should be for you and whoever uses the carcass.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    my sentiments exactly stalkerboydy

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