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Thread: 4 x honda quads

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    4 x honda quads

    I have a confession,

    Its a baddy

    I'm reading the 'tractor and farm trader', as you do
    and spotted the following:

    4 x honda quads, 2003 models, all from kingscliffe sporting lodge (in liquidation); 3 runners, 1 non runner: 2250 the lot
    07052 606604, Aberdeenshire

    i thought some of you might be interested and turn to page 95 of your own copy immediately

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    thought youd like to know kingscliff was dissolved at least a year ago
    from what i remember the quads were in very poor shape


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    I've never seen a 'keepers quad that wasn't in bad shape and that includes the ones that have only been out of the showroom for a week! JC

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