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Thread: Camcorder advice

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    Camcorder advice

    hi guys

    my brotheres cam corder has packed was an old jvc ...cracker in its day but nowt compared to stuff nowadays.

    i myself have a sony HDR-HC9 and its awesome

    both of our camcorders are mini dv, always found that to be easiest coz i can download edit etc but keep the tapes/ originals as back up without stuffing full a pc.

    anyway what makes model would you recommend?
    stay mini dv or go hard drive recorder?
    and its gotta be budget....not bothered bout loadsa stuff that he'd never use...just decent optical zoom (mine is only 20x but more than enuff ) not bothered if no digital zoom .its crap .

    would be mainly for general videoing of roe / wildlife etc and general /family stuff.. so hopefully summit thats pocket size

    any recommendations?

    sauer / paul
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    Give John at Yorkshire Deer Stalking a PM, he has lots of good footage of various stalks and general outdoor footage.

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    I now use a jvc everio sd card.
    but used to use a sony hhd which broke.
    liked my way around the sony more.
    if money no object look at hd but find 1 with at least 20X zoom.

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    I use a Panasonic HDD 50x optical
    has 60GB HDD with upto 54 hours recording time
    has both an SD card and Hard drive which is easy to swap from one to the other
    very easy to use with quite quick focus and pretty fast & smooth zoom-in action
    The one thing i like about it most is it is very robust as it gets a fair bit of use & abuse , It keeps a long battery life
    very pleased with it for the price

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