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Thread: Scottish Trip Three

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    Scottish Trip Three

    6 Point Roe Buck, that I saw rutting then stalked into later when his Job was done, down a long grass ride, feeding in some reeds at about 9 : 15 PM at 125m with 243 AI.

    Close up of Head...

    My Father with a Roe Buck...

    Some very large and impressive Ram's on the hill...

    It was also a very pleasing trip as I saw a couple of Red Stags on the ground as well so this bodes well for the coming months and would be amazing if I saw some Reds Rutting...

    Also the usual sightings of plenty of Roe Does and Calfs so that was good...

    Didn't get the camera out on these as much as i would have liked due to the wet and miserable weather...



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    Another good trip Alex. I bet it was good to be out stalking as father and son


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    Hey Alex

    Plenty of room on the wall for a set of them curly ones at the bottom..

    Your having a good run buddy and as Jonathon says got to be a special time out with your dad.


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Thanks Jonathan and Terry for your kind comments, I know would love one of them to jump over the fence haha...

    As for Father and Son it was very nice, My father hasn't really stalked in the UK apart from once in Argyll with Neil Gavin last September for Sika and this trip to Scotland, before that he did a fair amount of Roe Stalking in Denmark his home country but this was pre 1984 when he moved to England... It was great to see the smile on his face when I came round the corner and said I haven't shot anything have you... Yes he replied with a smug look as if to say and you do this most days of the week...

    Good times...



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    Hi there, nice bucks great when it all comes together

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    may be time to add a tax on your travel up here.. your knocking to many deer ha ha

    atb and well done again....


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    Thanks again guys for your comments...

    CBS, Taxes this is an open forum don't give the government any more ideas about where to tax next...


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    Quote Originally Posted by nielaj View Post
    Thanks again guys for your comments...

    CBS, Taxes this is an open forum don't give the government any more ideas about where to tax next...

    why do you think we are over taxed.. surely not

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