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Thread: Folding high seat

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    Folding high seat

    Can anyone reccomend any of the portable/folding highseats

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    I have one that breaks down into three ladder sections and a seat unit that can be transported by my Suzuki Jimny, then put up in minutes. PD high seats make them, fully galvanised too.

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    I've got the Bushwear one which is pretty good, however, the bar is a bit "bouncy" so I added a couple of braces either side (thin aluminium poles from washing line support thingy) and it's firmed things up loads. I tend to use it as semi mobile though - it stays in a particular spot for a few weeks at a time, depending on deer movement/crops etc.

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    I have 2 bushwear ones and as 75 states the bar is bouncy great for semi mobile

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    + 2 as well, yes bar is a bit bouncy but can be sorted still half price of others. deerwarden

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