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Thread: Sportchief waterproofs

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    Sportchief waterproofs

    Does anyone out there know where i can a find sportchief coat in the old style.
    hardwoods green.Dog eat my last oneSeriously thought about turning my dog into a coat but thin k it would be a little small.


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    Bigger dog needed !!


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    Think you are talking about saddle cloth.
    No longer marketed even in the states.
    I sourced a chap who had ever so many left in stock and got the last one in the uk for a large there were other sizes and this was over a year ago.
    talk to garlands I think they have a few.
    cannot remember the chap i found something like decoys uk.
    sells alot of wildfowling stuff.
    hope this helps.
    p.s. im wearing it in the photo to the left.

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    What size do you need? A friend in the UK bought one from the internet, but it's a lot oversized. He probably will sell it.

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