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Thread: BASC and CA unite against Packham

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    Ethical consumers Twitter page still has most of the company names on show.It now states that these companies will not buy grouse days ,nor will thousands of others but they haven't been targeted seems they only want to intimidate high street name and soft targets.Be interesting to see how many have protesters outside

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrenchieBoy View Post
    I am certainly no Chris Packham lover but I have to agree whole heartedly with this post. Let's remember that we were all youngsters once and all no doubt did a few things that make us far from saints!
    Yes we were all young. But Packham has never grown up. He's still a cnut!!
    He is just one of life's irritating people

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    Thought it was his dog dying that pushed him over the line?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I respect the views of others and their freedom to express them, including those of Chris Packham. Isn't that what we fought a world war for? Shame he can't do the same. In expressing his views he uses subterfuge and manipulation, he seeks to make illegal and prosecute the views of others. I daren't liken that to people who used to do that in the '30's and '40's....

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    Why not Chris P is a fascist total and utter do as i say lying manipulating fascist who believes his divine right to tell others what they can and cant do .He abuses his position on the TV to spout lies and drivel knowing full well the chelsea tractor brigade will believe him and the BBC will let him because they are so left wing and biased against shooting/fishing and hunting .
    He isnt an employee <total B/S> so isnt breaking our rules says the BBC ,mm so what is he doing on your channels then .The lies of the antis ,the faces hidden of the protesters and violence used on people are all part of the big scheme used by these rats to attack anyone who is willing to say i catch my tea and work for a living.
    Packham will never allow freedom of expression unless it agrees with him and that,s where the fascism comes in ,you are all wrong because he said so and there is NO arguing with that attitude
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Chris Packham is simply a liar - the BBC supports his untruthfulness - the joint support (BASC/CA is long overdue, I would call on the NGO, SACS and all other pro-environment organisations to come out in support. We do more for wildlife than Packham or the BBC will ever do -time to assert this to the public.

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    WHY! Has he not 'stated', that he has The full support of the BBC? or for that matter why haven't they? Spooky is it not ? In my opinion it would seem they are both of the same bias.


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    How he still has his position following his hate-speech on Saturday past, I can't imagine...but some minorities are more equal than others

    PS Lush is actively funding the Hunt Saboteurs Association ergo, is actively funding rural terrorism [Terrorism: the systematic and organized use of violence and intimidation to force a government or community, etc to act in a certain way or accept certain demands]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apthorpe View Post
    To be fair to LUSH, it is run/owned by antis and they're entirely entitled to their opinion - even if it is wrong. I'd rather reserve my disapproval for organisations that really don't care but allow themselves to be diverted by small and extremist vocal (or terrorist) groups.
    The kit that LUSH has funded, has led to hounds being coaxed on to main roads and being run down. And not to miss they pay for masked protesters to be transported to hunts / shoots. where they cause mayhem and disorder.
    Rural Terrorism at its best.

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    Wow! I learn something new every day. What ******* **** *****!!
    Wife will not be shopping in there ever again.

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