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Thread: Hello...again

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    Hi Guys.

    Been away for a while due to computer probs and pressure of work and now back under a new name that isn't my real name this time!

    Funny how I've missed the chat - a bit sad really! In fact, it's a beautiful day here in the West Highlands and I'm sitting in front of the computer. What an eejit.

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    Welcome Back,
    Lovely and Sunny in Larkhill also, I'm also stuck in work.....

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    pair of dossers
    i been out in the sun all day working like a trojan ,planting trees
    damn i've caught the sun
    welcome back Frax

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    Stone you say that you have been working like a Trojan? I thought that was a brand of contraceptive! Nice work if you can get it.

    Hi and welcome back Frax. What was your name last time you joined mate?

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    Welcome back Frax.
    You cant beat the sun on your back Stone. Got a bit frazzled myself today.

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    Frax, are you up near an area I have in Scotland ? If so I know who you are, and welcome back, as you can see the site is TROLL free at present, the culling policy we put in place seems to have worked up to now

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    You got it Malc...the former Drew here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax
    You got it Malc...the former Drew here.
    i wondered where you had gone thought you had got lost on that bloody mountain while walking the dog

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    Ahhh! Hi Drew how are you doing mate. In that case I'm very glad to see you back on the site.

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    Nice to see you MrB

    In truth Stone, I have been wandering the Cuillin living on nought but heather and fallen stags and wearing a kilt of deer skins, drinking from the burn and resting my head on a pile of gralloch. Well, kind of.

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