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Thread: DM80 sound moderator

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    DM80 sound moderator

    Does anybody use the DM80 ? Is it any good as I was thinking off getting one but would like some opinions on it


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    I have one for 22cal.

    Very robust - built like a tank and completely strippable. I'm not going to start another pointless saga where we all claim we have the best moderators - i just don't care. It balances well on the particular rifle it occassionally sits on and does reduce the noise significantly. It's smaller than my T8 and seems to weigh about the same as my wildcat.

    Let me know if you want a butcher's - you're only a short drive away.

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    Hi Scotsgun thank for the info,I saw them at Scone and liked what I saw ,they even had a few mods to compare the weight against and it was lighter than the wildcat and T8 it was really the noise reduction that I was after and by the sound off things it is ok so I will probably get one



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    Graeme, I believe the sound reduction is around 30 db.

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    i got one in .243 and a wildcat and a t8.
    must admit the DM is good but make sure you copper grease the threads

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    dh270:- I've got a dm80 on my t3 lite 223 and find it very effective, in actual fact I like it lots!!!.... callie

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    I have one on my HMR and have just sold one with my .243, will be buying another to go onto my .223, very, very good value for money.

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    Cheers lads you've made up my mind


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    I use x2 dm80's made to measure x1 upto 223 , for hornet, swift & 243 & x1 for 6.5x55 & 308. superb, light & reliable.

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    I have one on my HMR, no complaints. A lot quieter than the SAK that it replaced.

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