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Thread: Reloading gear wanted

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    Reloading gear wanted

    Hiya Guys,

    I am looking for some secondhand reloading gear. Preferably Redding or RCBS. If you have some gear, I have the cash waiting. If you have some .243 competition dies I would take them too. Please get in touch if you can help.

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    I have a Lyman "Acculine" case trimmer, with all pilots and spare cutter if you are interested, 25 + Postage.



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    I have an unused - fullsizer and bullet seater set of 2 dies in .270 RCBS 30

    Used three die set - Lee - in .243 20

    3-times used RCBS, 3 die set, FL. N Size and seater in 7X57mm 30

    50 unopened bag WW brass in 7mmRem Mag. 20

    PLUS postage. If you are interested.
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