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    would some 1 give advise if i was to go for a .243 for deer in the uk would people agree that its adaquate for all species if not give a guide on whhat others would recommend plz

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    look at the 6.5 x55.
    good all rounder and not heavy in recoil or flip.

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    I would say yes, and so does the Law...

    However how confident of your shooting ability are you and what is your predominant species going to be...??

    If your shooting mostly Red and Sika then I would go for something bigger... However if it will be a rare occasion on there species then .243 should suit your needs...

    I have a .243AI and use the .243 AI now a lot more than the 6.5 x 55 and will continue to do so even when I go to Scotland and shoot Red etc just because I like the feel of the rifle and am very confident with it...

    However the 6.5 x 55 has never let me down and is a very popular calibre for all species of deer in the UK so this may be an option worth looking at...


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    ok john i cant even remember what calibre i used at yours john to be honest but will admit ad a great day

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    Each to their own, but a 6.5 will cover all the bases ,
    I mainly use a .243 and i'm happy with that but it can be a bit fast for roe especially if you clock a rib, and a bit light on big reds in the rut, if you cant close -in enough, then it comes down to accuracy and shot placement if you want to avoid strapping on running shoes.

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    20 years back I only had my Sako 243, used it on Sika and Reds in highlands with no problems, only hinds though, funds did not stretch to a 270 till 10 years later. Used Speer 105 grn round nose sp now no longer available but I still have 200 left, great round for above and roe. The right bullet and weight in the right place will always work as opposed anything placed wrongly regardless of weight. In those days I had one rifle and a family, now I have a 270, 7x57, 223, and my 243 and the girls have flown the nest, gladly go back to those days. Get in to a reasonable range and ensure placement don't go low on bullet weight, 100 grn partitions also worked well. deerwarden

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    6.5 x 55 mate very good round good for everything

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    6.5x55 is never a bad choice. If you are mainly stalking Roe with a few foxes thrown in, the 243 is more than good enough. However, if you might take the odd Sika or Red, then I would go bigger, 6.5 at least.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    25-06 i would say is a great all rounder but it is defo personal choice, the best thing to do is ask round people you know with FAC`s and see what they use and get a go on the range of 2 or 3 different cal`s and then make a choice

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