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Thread: Lightforce lamps,(like or dislike)

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    Lightforce lamps,(like or dislike)

    Hi guys,I was out lamping last night with my mate who is a keeper on a local estate,We picked up a pair of eyes and after a few squeeks we managed to get it to within approx 100 yards.Bipod on the bonnet,then lamp lifted,then (Blackout) Nowt.After a few choice words i managed to get my spare lamp, and a few more squeeks it poked its head out of some brambles and the shot was good.My mate said that this had happened before with the same make of lamp.
    My question is,what do you think of these lamps ?as they are not cheap to purchase.
    ATB John

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    Have been using one for the last 3 years think they are fantastic... I have always had lamps break and this one will im sure, it just happens, I have had to re wire it a few times but thats standard when dealing with an implement on a quad with a wire coming out i would have thought...



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    JD.. a full re wire with soldered joints and then they are 10/10,too many dry joints for my liking!!,if you get stuck give me a pm....ATB GRAEME.

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    Cheers Graeme,Ive sorted it,the on/off switch had packed up,its the second time its fell to bits.very frustrating.PS.never carry 1 lightforce lamp when your out always make sure you have a spare.

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    Ive had a couple of Lightforce lamps and they are excellent , never had a problem with mine ...The Lithium Ion battery is also a fantastic bit of kit.

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    clu lite & lightforce are spot on . . it only takes a lead to be trapped in jeep door and you have a break i had a l/f on 2 suction pads mounted on bar wich hung over d/s window worked really well till i kinked the wire . . . try a circuit tester on your + & -

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    I have a couple of lightforce lamps and rate them quite highly they also have a good selection of filters the only downside is the coiled cable that tends to get very hot and can cause the socket to melt or a wire to burn off so i re~wire mine with 10ft of heavy duty cable which seems to stop the wire heating up much better.
    I also have a nite stalker lamp which is very similar to lightforce but with a different off/on swith and it comes with the 10ft straight cable [much better]

    Nite Stalker | Rifle Sports
    They also do a nice yellow filter that gives you slightly more range compaired to lightforces amber one, and they also cost slightly less.

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    Well I must be the lucky one, I have had one for about 16 years and never had a problem apart from a blown bulb. Must agree about the coiling though they would be much better off getting rid of it.


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    I have used them for about 10 years and apart from having to re-wire every one they are excellent. The rocker switch on the older hand held is better than the switch on the newer models, much more reliable and quieter. +1 on the lithium ion battery, they are an excellent piece of kit. I always cut off the 12v socket and hard wire them to the vehicle battery for the hand held and vehicle mounted, no lamp cutting out when you switch off the engine then.

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    very good lamps , all ya need to do is new switch and new plug and all is fine

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