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    Stunt Terrier..........

    As some of you know I was on a family holiday last week up in bonny Jockland,and a very nice time was had by all,weather was great,it only rained at night really.But,there was an episode shall I say,of trauma for myself and my JRT,I usually have the back windows down about 6" and locked so the dogs can just stick their head out if they want to,but,on this occasion,I forgot to lock the button off,and,while resting against the window getting some air the Terrier must of stood on the button and opened the window.Well what with the window going down and her resting on it she did the obvious and flew out of the window just like Eric Claptons kid.I heard the scraping of claws on Jap plastic as she exited right,and as I looked in the door mirror I saw her bounce off the a couple of stretched out somersaults and disappear through the hedgeline.I screached to a halt and started to run back(we had been doing 30-40mph)when she came running out of the hedge towards me,she was dazed to say the least,but she seemed relatively unscathed apart from a couple of divots out of her head and snout,and a ripped out toenail.I put her back in the truck,and tried to catch up the rest of them as they had drove on unaware that anything had happened,but,they were gone,and,I wasn't sure which way they had taken.I pulled onto someones drive to make a phone call and to check her over again,but,she wasn't looking good at this point,she had dragged her legs in to her stomach and was shaking like a leaf.I immediately thought of internal injuries,so,I knocked on the door of the house to ask a very worried chap(I think he thought I was going to rob him....LOL)for a yellow pages to find a vet.He knew the local vet that was in Stranraer,and gave me directions,and off I went a bit lickety split(if you know what I mean),when I got there they pushed me right to the front of the queue,so I was seen very quickly,and he checked her over and he said that she had been very lucky indeed,and apart from the torn out nail and the gouges in her head and snout she didn't seem to have any other injuries.......phew!! Just a metacam injection for the pain she would be in the next day,and an antibiotic injection for the toenail.
    I was stood there by then thinking bloody hell I wish I had insure her now,cos I am gonna get stiffed here,what with being took in as an emergency and all,but,I could of fell through the floor when they gave me the bill!!! If I had gone to our local vets without doubt it would of been in the 150-250 range,so,when he said 20.00 I had to ask him again..........."I can't pay you 20.00 for what you've just done"! "Why are you a bit short"? he said..........."No,it isn't enough"! I never thought that was something I would say to a vet!!!So,I bought a pair of nail clippers and I asked if they had a charity,and he said that they run a fostering scheme,whereby they will foster a pet out to someone that cannot afford to keep one,and they will pay for all of the feed and all of the medical care,and that way the type of dog/cat that wouldn't normally be taken in will find a good caring home,BRILLIANT I said,I will buy a big sack of food for them then.All told,even with the feed it only came to 59.00 so a VERY BIG SHOUT goes out to an extremely caring vet in Stranraer..........They are ....
    Academy Vets in Academy Street Stranraer.Thankyou very much from me and 'Scrap'

    None the worse for her flying episode.


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    glad to here "scrap is fine he looks like and seems to act like my jack, the story brought a little lump to my throat . It shows not everybody is out there to get what they can from you. ....neil

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    good shout mate glad the dogs ok , nice to hear that not all vets are robbers

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    I almost had the same sort of disaster with an early Mk 1 Freeloader.
    Picked up a pup that I had bought and put him in the back. Set off down the motorway and thought I'd let him have a little air from the 'new fangled drop down rear window'. I dropped the window an inch more than I wanted so I pressed the up button. The bl***y window went down! Pup starts to make a bid for freedom so at 70mph I dived on the brakes and that catapulted him back inside. On the hard shoulder I tried it again and it did the same.
    Next day I went to Landrover and complained very loudly only to be told that it had to do that 'for safety reasons'. A letter to L.R. U.K went unanswered. I had the switch disabled and that was when I began to have my doubts about being a life long Landie Man.

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    I knew there was something I hated about Freeloaders.


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