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Thread: Rough Shooting

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    Rough Shooting

    Myself and a friend have started a new syndicate up in North Yorkshire (Thirsk area). It is on arable land with scattered woodland. It was formerly a syndicated rough shoot but the keeper passed away and the place hasnt been touched since.

    We have put down 200 birds and intend to have 5 days rough shooting, based on walk one stand one. Possibility of duck flighting too. There would also be roost shooting and fox drives available. No guarantees on birds as this is the first year, but the land has a good amount of english and french partridge.

    People with dogs preferred. MUST have insurance with BASC or the likes.

    150 per gun.

    PM Me if interested.

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    Hi , yes i'm interested it's Kevin give me a ring 07940046080 i have 3 good labs which i pick up throughout the season i come from a game keepers background but i'm sure we can chat about that - thanks Kev

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    Hi, haven't worked out how to pm yet. Very interested, live nr Thirsk
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    If there is a spare place I would have ago.

    regards chris

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    Sorry Chris and all, this is an old thread.. (2010).

    Thanks anyways

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