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Thread: desperatly seeking 243. 55gr ammo

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    desperatly seeking 243. 55gr ammo

    i looking for some 243 . 55gr ammo i can not get any anywhere one shop has them but 40 for 20 is a bit over the top i think .i am guildford surrey based if anyone has any or knows where i can get some been waiting 3 weeks for the heads to load myself from bisley ?

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    The only place I can suggest is Reloading Solutions near Oxford which isnt a million miles away. If anywhere will have them they will.

    Personally I tend to use 58Gr VMax's which are pretty freely available anywhere.



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    Have you tried Andersons of East Grinstead?/ 01342-325604.

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    thanks guys i will give both a try .noel

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    i have found the 65grain v-max very accurate with 39.5grains of hogdon varget

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    i manged to get some winchester Sx 55gr from a place in botley hampshire the guy was realy helpfull and they have turned out a cracking round .

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    Hi BN,how much were they?,I was quoted 37.00 yesterday.Jimmy

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    55gr ammo

    Hi all,
    I've recently bought 55gr sierra blitzkings from Wilson & Wilson fieldsports, they are at Laundry Rd Minster near Ramsgate in Kent, cant remember but i think they were less than 30 per 100, with 39g of Accurate 2520 and cci primers in RWS cases, they shoot sub 1.2 inch in my T3, hope this helps


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