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Thread: Accomodation around Oban

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    Accomodation around Oban

    I've just picked up some more ground near Oban. Can anyone recomend any decent accomodation that would be happy catering for stalkers? Somewhere that doesn't mind you bringing a firearm, and taking breakfast at unusual times etc?

    A chiller would be a major bonus, but obviously I'm not too hopeful of that!

    Thanks in advance

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    North or south of the town? Several B&B around the feryy are used to odd hours to accomodate ferry services. Usually breakfast is set up and you sort your own. Spent 33 years in Oban so know it quite well re B&B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    I've just picked up some more ground near Oban. MJ
    Is that the 1195.45 Ha of woodland near Knipoch that Tillhill were offering recently?

    If it is.... How's it looking, on the ground?

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    i would hope it wasnt although i dont begrudge if he got the ground but tenders were to be in by the 16th of this month and this thread started on the 11th!i am very local to the ground but i didnt bid for it, read into that whatever you think,i will have a think about decent b+b,s though and get back about them.
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    Forgot all about this thread. Corky, you're obviously reffering to a forest begining with B. I didn't bid for it. However I do know who has the said piece of ground after winning the tender, as the chap is a friend of mine. And I will be stalking there in due course, as I've since joined the syndicate with a mate from my neck of the woods. I know what's been shot there recently, and am aware of the "politics" lol. Not really ground for the armchair stalkers by all accounts. Big steep hills and hard to cover ground.
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