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Thread: 'Bumping' Deer

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    'Bumping' Deer

    On my last stalking trip, a few weeks ago, on 4 seperate occassions, my stalking partner and I got within 20-30 yard of deer before spooking them. While the deer in question were all does, I would prefer to avoid doing the same next time, especially if I end up seeing a good buck high tailing it away?

    Should I be congratulating myself on my amazing stalking ability, or is there something I should be doing? We were glassing as we went, but in the rough ground and re-plant, the deer were pretty much invisible!


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    hi novice
    the point to this is that as you never saw the deer to stalk to in the first place then it was not your stalking ability that got you that close but probaly the fact the deer were lay up and only winded, heard or spotted you at the last minute and then made flight or they were watching you the whole time and only at the last minute, when they thought they may be in any danger did they decide it was time to go
    many a time i hav stalked a munty and roe who knew i was there and not a threat never moved even though i was less than 10 yards fom them
    the other day at a mates place helping him carry a few high seats to there chosen spots we bumped 2 munties at less than ten yards after we had walked right by them
    fallow are good at this when lay up in a wheat field the only way you know they are there is by the antler sticking up
    walk little ,look lots or find where they like to lay up success seems to be measured in whats hanging in the fridge and memories come from the camera
    hav fun as this is the way to learn in the field

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