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Thread: Buzzard lures vixen to untimely death

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    Buzzard lures vixen to untimely death

    Last week we were out on some OSR stubble. It was v windy and I tucked the truck close to a thick hedge. A couple of buzzards were hunting over the field and an adult started to hover rather clumsily about 110 yds infront of us. We both were watching through bins as it stooped down to catch something in the stubble. Almost immeadiately a fox came steaming out of the thick hedge about 20yds away, que exit of buzzard.

    Foxey searched area and started to chew on the buzzards meal. Sadly it then collided with a high sped Nosler via my mates 6mm BR, bit easy at 120yds.

    She was an adult vixen and clearly was well used to robbing buzzards for tea.

    Fox cubs in our area are adult sized and we saw the first moggie sized ones in early May.

    Weather interupting activities but will be in serious action next week.


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    Life is full of action !

    Many years ago I was on Fraser Island [off Australia] with my daughter who has dual nationality.
    One evening we were watching a chap wading out and fishing the surf, he hooked a fish and walked it out of the water, killed it and placed it beside his tackle box then went back into the surf to try for another one.
    A few minutes later a Dingo scuttled out of the scrub above the beach, grabbed his fish and scampered off with it.

    We wondered how many times it had performed that act.
    Typically I had no camera with me and it happened so fast that I probably would not have had time for a snap anyway.


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