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Thread: black lab pups

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    black lab pups

    Ok Guys

    10wks old black lab pups in need of good homes ( as they are eating me out of mine)
    3 dogs 1 bitch . I am open to offers as i want them to go to good homes
    Just had there first jabs and if they are still here in the next ten days i will get them there second one's as well

    There are some photo's in my member gallery If you want to, check them out



    shrewsbury / welshpool Area

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    Hi Joe,

    Sounds snobish but hows the pedegree?

    In addition do you have the following?
    a) the hip/elbow score of sire and dam,
    b) what was the date of their current BVA eye certificates and have they been genetically tested for gPRA and CNM.

    They do look a handful.

    Cheers Adrian
    In regione caecorum rex est luscus

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    Hi Hodadr

    I geuss the quick Answer is No to all of the above, This was not planned all i can say is i knew the father and and have seen him work well picking up, i know he comes from a working line but thats about it
    I know that this dog was the father from info my kids have now given me . as apparently they were there at the time.
    As i work away alot at this time of the year i came home 48hrs before she pupped so thats realy all the info i have
    the pups have been vet checked and all seem fine at this stage of development as you can see from the photos


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