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Thread: This is one of the reasons i have not been about much

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    This is one of the reasons i have not been about much

    Hi all this is one of the reasons why i have not been about much
    it all started in Mid April Inca arrived

    and we are here now

    she is still a pup we have had a couple of points on my shoes mainly but she is happy to find deer legs hiding around the place so we have some hope for her.

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    Hi Ash,
    She looks very smart, hope you are all well


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    Hope she doesn't get zapped.LOL.nice looking dog hope she does the biz for you
    Discretion assured
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    or find us on facebook
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    Hi Ash,
    She doesnt look mad to me.Nice looker and she will be well worth the wait. I know they can have their foibles but I can honestly say I would never have another breed. Like all dogs Vizslas have their own characteristics and traits but they just seem to shine out more. Keep in touch.


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