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Thread: Rut Still on

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    Rut Still on

    Well the Rut is still well on were i am and it has been hard but got out a few times with very good results. Is the rut still on in your area.

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    Was still on at Moffat ,Saturday.7 Aug

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    been kinda 1 min on next off been kinda weard here but last 5 days its well under way now... roll on the red's turn

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    Still on up here too. Called a buck last night. Saw 4 more also on the lookout.

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    It was certainly still on last weekend here in Berkshire. 2 bucks came to the call and there were a buck and doe chasing each other with malice aforethought

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    It has been very slow and off and on in my part of Aberdeenshire. What is surprising is that it has been the young bucks with the doe with the big buks well away on their own


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    Its only really got going here in the last week or so, lots of activity now.

    Its obvious how much we miss during the night, out foxing last night and saw loads of activity on the stubbles, there were some very randy boys out !!!

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    Just seen a Roe Buck chasing a Doe here in Sussex this lunchtime middle of a field at 12 : 30 pm...


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