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Thread: Trudy.

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    Just a word to tell anyone who has been to my house Trudy my jack russel (house dog)(11), has got cancer of the spleen.
    She is the character that used to greet friends and clients with a smile.
    She will be put down shortly the wife and georgia are gutted as am I.
    Then I have to get myself gathered up to take out a client at 6.30 so it will be hard concentrating.
    Had bad luck this year with the dogs and have x2 more which are 11 so can see another hole been dug before christmas.

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    Always hard to see them go, remember the good times.

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    sorry to hear that john ,shes funny i have never seen a dog smile like that before all the best,wayne

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    Sorry to hear that John I can understand how you feel ,I had to have mine put down a couple of years ago and still havent got over it he was part of the family.

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    sorry to hear that john not in the same boot as you but during the move back to uk we hhave to leave our 2 dogs 1 black lad and 1 terrier here for the rabies stuff to come back clear not happy about it but cant do nothing about it but again our sincere apoligise john

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    John, I know exactly how you are feeling at present, we are running out of space in our garden for our canine loved ones, you should take comfort in the knowledge that you have enjoyed & valued their company as much as they did yours, the loss never completely goes away, but it does mellow, & the memories will ease your pain.
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    They ask for nothing and give so much... i dread the day.

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    Give your heart to a dog to break.

    I am as guilty as many here.
    KevinF -

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    Hi John,sorry to hear about your terrier,unfortunatley all of us who have dogs will sometime or other have the same problem,Im on the grouse moors tomorrow,and i wont be able to take my eldest spaniel as a full day will be too much for her,she will be ok for the partridge and pheasant but leaving her will be a bit of a wrench.Age catches up with us all unfortunatley.
    ATB John.

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