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Thread: D J LITTS have gone bust

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    D J LITTS have gone bust

    Just read on another web site that Litts have gone bankrupt for 20 million pounds and that the recivers have being called in.


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    I'm amazed, thought they were too well established. Sign of the times I guess.

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    The website is still up and running and nothing official so it may just be a rumour at this stage, certainly hope it is.


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    lets hope not, as i hav had some good deals off them in the past ,maybe thats the reason , i hope not

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    I was at the Norfolk country fair near Norwich about 2 weeks back and they were there with a good display of goods. They seem a reasonable bunch of people, I hope its a rumour.

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    No rumour boys its 100%, and they had my .17 rem off me in part ex for a 220 swift that i was going to pick up next week...oooppps

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    Distinguished Member tartinjock's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Nairn, Inverness-shire
    All my Kit came form DJ Litts in Pangbourne

    2 Rifles C/F
    1 Rifle R/F
    2 PM2's
    2 Wildcats
    Swarovski EL 10x42 Bino's
    Swarovski PV-N Scope

    All at a good price, that's why I went there.

    Shame to see a "GOOD" one go under.

    Wonder what will happen to the stock....That would be a good boot sale.


    What's the deal with you? What will happen to your 17/Swift? Surley you won't lose both?

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    I guess the receivers will be in and have a duty to keep it running whilst it's being wound up. At least that's my understanding. I stand to be corrected.

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    yes it is very much true we will have to travel a fair bit for kit now. ed i know a few people who have lost kit too lucky i'am not one. something had to give they had about 20 working there

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