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Thread: Met this one too late!

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    Met this one too late!

    I had the immense pleasure of meeting a new nurse at my hospital today. We got to talking and somehow, hunting came up and she started in about making a wonderful shot on a large whitetail buck last season with her " '96 Swede" sporter in 6.5x55: A gun her father had built for her many years ago and that she still shoots despite owning some thirty-odd firearms otherwise!

    She's smart, pretty, a shooter AND.... a new bride as of last week! SHe wants me to meet her new hubby tho... he has 100+ rifles and, as she says, "...never buys jacketed bullets unles it's for a .22 centerfire. Otherwise he casts all his bullets."

    Well. I can't fault her choice in men.(sigh!) ~Muir

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    never mind they say there are plenty more fish in the sea. You just have to find them

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    At my age it's more like a small pond...~Muir

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    [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]LOL[/COLOR]

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    Offroad, cracking joke, had me in stitches bud.

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    Lol awesome dude hey Muir she got a sister for me this nurse of yours

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