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    stalker being stalked

    I went out this morning ended up being stalked by quite a nice buck. walking down a hedge at right angle to a narrow wood glassing often seeing nothing I turned into the wind and crossed 15 yards of open ground heard somthing in in the wood ,moving slowy on somthing made me look back a fine buck was eyeing me up I froze to see what he would do. he eventually circled round in the crop on the skyline watching me then decided he didnot like me and movved off makeing a grumbling sort of bark.I can only assume my stalking trousers are so blood splatterd from last few stalks I must smell like a deer.anyone had similer during rut.

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    I have not heard of this before but WATCH OUT, I hear deer have been buying the new Buttalo Homo Sapien call!! Apparently its for the bucks of the species and sounds like a pint of ale being pulled.

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    I belive he thought you were a doe and were giving off the female aroma that most of the yorkshire lads leave on the grass. I think if you had stopped for to long that buck would have put a smile on your face.
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