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    Hello Everyone

    Just a quick introduction. I'm from the Tyneside area and before you say it that doesn't make me a bad person!!!.

    I actually learnt about this forum by chance, a stranger over heard me what I was planning to do on my time off obviously as much stalking as possible. And to cut a long story short he told me about this forum.

    I've been stalking a couple of years now, really got the bug working towards my Level 2. It's not great trying to fit everything in when you work away but there you go.
    I mainly stalk Roe but have had a some days on Sika and Reds.

    Thanks for taking the time to read


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    Welcome , nice to have another Geordie abroad. Which part of Tyneside are you from ?

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    Aye,Welcome aboard mate.
    ATB John.

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    I'm from S Shields, where abouts do you live ??
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