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Thread: New ground to stalk.

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    New ground to stalk.

    Hi all,
    I have often read the question "how do I get my own bit of ground to stalk?" Well this is how it has just worked for me:-
    I asked a local farmer if I could bag a few bunnies for the pot, after a few weeks I then got calls from him if one particular field was being hard hit. I would always respond as quickly as I could, always let him know when and where I would be. Always reported back numbers of rabbits shot, plus anything unusual e.g. convoys of transit vans towing large caravans, slowly past field entrances.
    At close of play tonight I gave him four bunnies all ready for the pot, and mentioned seeing fallow prints along one field edge where I have often seen munties, but never a fallow. Quick as a flash he said well if you think the munties need thinning please feel free to take one when you want
    So there it is question answered, work hard at keeping your farmer happy, informed and shoot what and where he asks.
    Good luck to anyone trying for their first bit of ground, it is out there!

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    Well done.

    Rocking Horse Doo Daa to get now-adays.


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    well done buckup

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    nice one buckup
    the old fashion way is always the most gratifiying

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    Getting stalking ground is like getting a car.

    You can go slowly, work on it, nurture it, and it will usualy be cheap and be reliable and long lifed.

    Alternatively you can with very little effort go quickly BUT ..............

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