Got back from the Borders safe and sound, but with no bucks . Luckily though it only drizzled on the Friday and Monday and the weekend weather was perfect after the rain. Bright and warm and tempting for the deer to come out. So I didnt need to worry about the rain - but thanks to all those who gave me tips - i'll bear them in mind next time. Saw quite a few roe, a few of which were bucks, but mostly does (whoever was asking about who gives the deer their calendars was correct !), but they were either crossing my path and were in and out of sight before I had a chance, or were a good distance away and by the time I'd stalked into them they had got bored waiting for me and had gone. The best sighting was a beautiful 6 point buck playing with his new girlfriend - chasing each other round and she was leading him a merry dance. As they were about 400yds away and moving slowly towards me i watched and enjoyed the fun (leading him by the b*lls springs to mind - and who hasnt been there ? - sorry ladystalkers ) But after 1/2 hour they were coming no closer and infact were moving back. So i decided to stalk in on them. It was a good 1/2 mile round the track to get to them - there was no way I was going to risk the noise of a clearfell stalk. But b*gger me if by the time i'd sweated my way up the hill, they hadnt retired for some "leisure" time and I was looking at an empty clearfell. Have to say though it was a magic moment even if i didnt get a shot.

Mate got two though - dont ya hate it when that happens

All in all had a great time and looking forward to getting back up there on August Bank Hol weekend.

Thanks again for the advice chaps

Scrun (aka Andrew)