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Thread: seeking estate contact details info etc

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    seeking estate contact details info etc

    hi guys

    im currently working with an american gent who does a lot of hunting back in th US.
    he will be working on rotation out of aberdeen for next good few months so has asked me regarding deerstalking in Scotland , i believe he may be willing to travel 2- 3 hrs ish from aberdeen

    i believe what hes after is roe buck and red stag stalking ...not bothered bout medals but would like "a head representative of the area" i was told.

    i have nevr bought stalking so i know nowt bout prices and contact details of stalkers/ or estates.

    hopefully i can get details for the gent to phone/ email or www. etc from you kind persons on here

    mods, if ive stuck this request in the wrong section i apologise



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    Hi Sauer,

    I have used these http://www.northeastshootingbreaks.c...eer%20Stalking they were quite good and had local spots.


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    I shall be in Scotland in late September on my 8000 acre lease. I have Jap Sika and some Reds available and will have american clients with me. Please PM me and I will see if it suits both parties.



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    Try giving 2434me a shout , he is only a few miles out of Aberdeen and has some good quality Roe, also Ballindalloch, Derek is about an hours drive .

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    Try giving Derek from Ballindalloch a call. He has advertised in this forum recently, user name is Ballindalloch i think. It would be within 1 1/2 hrs of aberdeen ish

    edited - I am clearly a mong, did not read all of bambislayer's post. Anway a +1 for what he says above!!!!

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