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Thread: Local knowledge from Lanarkshire members would be much appreciated.

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    Local knowledge from Lanarkshire members would be much appreciated.

    I have the opportunity to relocate to Lanarkshire, The job opportunity is in Coatbridge,
    We have started our research of schools, houses, villages and towns etc within a 20 mile radius.
    I have noticed that there are a number of Lanarkshire members on the site and with us not being to familiar with the area, we were wondering and would be grateful if any of you could advise on one or two aspects in regards to the area before we come up for a look around in the next few weeks, The area at the moment that we are concentrating on is Kilsyth. But it would be good if we could tap local knowledge.



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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    you have pm

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    you have pm +1

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    Lived in Kilsyth for many years (Strone Gardens, South Dunbreck). Most of the family still lives there or very close.

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    Hope all goes according to plan!! I assume the first question to be answered was "THE STALKING IS GREAT", good luck with whatever you choose.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    There's a hell of alot of roe stalking around Cumbernauld which is only 10mins up the road.

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    I am sure you will take a run over the tac me don rd witch runs from killy to carron valley there is a chap on here that runs that syndicate and there is a chap that runs the hotel.

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    Hi mate
    When you are up this way follow the tak-me-down road past the golf club, call in at the hotel, ask for Tim. There are some great regulars from Kilsyth, i have lived in Scotland for twenty years and can honestly say folk around here are as good as you will find. They seem to appreciate the northern down to earth attitude.

    all the best.

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    Did they ever build the buckie house?

    I'M BUILDING BUCKIE HOUSE Daily Record, 01/10/1998, p11
    by Shaun Milne
    A reformed alcoholic wants to build a 40ft glass lighthouse out of
    thousands of Buckfast bottles.
    Terry Kerr, 33, hopes the controversial sculpture will become a beacon
    of hope for people from his home town of Airdrie, Lanarkshire.
    But the plan has sparked controversy in the area once dubbed the UK's
    "Buckfast Capital".
    Terry wants to build the structure in full view of the busy M8 at the
    Blackhill television transmitter.
    Local MP Helen Liddell once led a campaign against the strong, cheap,
    wine made by monks in Devon.
    The move came after she discovered a massive 80 per cent of sales of
    Buckfast in Scotland were in her area.
    Terry, who has been "dry" for 11 years, said his design was a tribute.
    He said: "Some people may say it glorifies alcohol but does that mean a
    war memorial glorifies war?
    "This has nothing to do with Buckfast itself, that would be an insult
    to the area.
    "It's going to be built in the shape of a lighthouse to warn people of
    the danger of their lives landing on the rocks. It will shine light on
    the Millennium. It's showing the world that this is a chance to look at
    our problems and solve them."
    The work will take hundreds of thousands of empty wine, spirit and
    Buckfast bottles to complete.
    Terry, from Sikeside, Airdrie, has enlisted the help of an architect.
    The monument will have a concrete base and be reinforced by a steel
    frame with the bottles suspended within.
    The sculptor said: "It will be a monument to social deprivation. When
    the sun rises and hits the glass and lights up, it will look
    spectacular. People will see it from across central Scotland.
    "But it will be at night time, with the moonlight hitting the
    different- coloured glass, that it will look really special.
    "Being a former drinker gives me the right to build this using wine
    bottles. I've had friends who died from alcoholism. I've been there
    myself and I want to create a memorial to all those people who died."
    Terry has exhibited in the USA in the past. His previous work includes
    a self-portrait made entirely from stones and slabs washed up on a Fife
    He also plans to donate his latest sculpture, entitled The Birth of
    Thatcherism, to the local council.
    However, his idea for the giant glass lighthouse has caused some upset.
    The distributors of Buckfast Tonic Wine, Chandlers of London, said:
    "Such a project would be a total insult to the people of the area.
    Buckfast represents less than half of one per cent of the alcohol
    consumed in Central Scotland."
    A spokeswoman for the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourist Board
    said: "This is just not on for enhancing tourism."
    North Lanarkshire Council leader Jim McCabe said: "The idea does not
    strike me as something which would best show the merits of North
    Lanarkshire. But as with all applications such as this, it will be
    judged on the contents of the artist's presentation."
    Pensioner Henry Harkins of Townhead and Gartsherry Community Council in
    Coatbridge said: "It is not a good idea at all. The area is called
    Buckfast Valley as it is. Things like this just make it 10 times
    Caretaker Bruce Mungin, 51, from Airdrie said: "I'd be annoyed if it
    were built. It's something that Coatbridge and Airdrie don't need.
    "I think if the guy wants to help people who have problems with alcohol
    he should start up a group or something."

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    I just hope you kick with the right foot and step off with the left foot

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