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Thread: Hi troops!

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    Hi troops!

    Hi troops,
    Just joined the forum and thought I'd better say hello. I'm a very new stalker living in Denmark (in fact so new that I haven't actually started yet!). I'm hoping to take a trip to Sweden after elk and wild boar soon though.

    I'm using 6.5x55 at present, and have a .30-06 waiting for a new scope when I get sufficient funds.

    My in-laws have been pestering me to sort them out with some stalking in Scotland ever since I met my wife, so I'll have to see about getting that done at some point too. Any affordable suggestions on that front will be gratefully received.


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    Welcome to the forum TT, I take it you have some tie with Scotland.
    Certainly plenty info an help available on this site, as for stalking you should try, always has good options.

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    Cheers Phil. Yes indeed I do have some ties with Scotland, as I'm actually from there but have lived abroad for a good few years now (haven't lost the accent yet though!). I'll take a look at the site you recommended.


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    Welcome to the site TT, it's nice to have another expat on the forum, if your ever in Oslo let me know and we can meet for a beer and talk hunting.

    I also shoot a 6.5x55, great caliber but be careful it seems to attract a lot of flak when you mention it on the forum


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    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks that could be great! The reverse obviously applies if you're ever in or around Jylland (I work for Carlsberg so my fridge is usually well stocked!)


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    Aye I might have guessed just about impossible to part a Scotsman from drink

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