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Thread: Remington Model 700 Varmint SF

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    Remington Model 700 Varmint SF

    Have purchased a Remington 700 in 220 swift to replace the 700 I purchased in 1993. Was told that it has an adjustable trigger that is set at about 3.5 lbs and will adjust by 2lb. Have found it will only adjust to 5.5 lbs. 3.5 lbs is the lightest I can have the trigger pull. Think I will have to buy another trigger.

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    I have just had a Jewell trigger fitted to 260 Rem in my gallery by Russell Galll. It's very good. The only downside, is that it makes me want to get one for all my rifles and with the other rifle (Sako 75) in my gallery, there isn't a Jewell trigger made for it.
    Rgds JCS

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    Remi 700. Trigger. American. Lawsuit. Google this.

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    Sportsman gun centre are doing a deal on them at the moment.

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    Hi Munty1 i had the same problem with my rem 700 cdl, i fitted a jewel trigger from jacksons it needed a little bit of work with the dremmel and it transformed the rifle.

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    I have a rem700 in 22.250 and have a match trigger fitted pull is about 2lb i find this works best for me. but be carefull if you adjust it too far it can go off when reloading .

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    Deako has hit the nail on the head.. Ive got 2x R700s and the younger one had the latest remington trigger (think its the same as the VSSF). It was very heavy when i got the rifle, so i adjusted it, which was easy enough. Even then it wasnt a 'nice' trigger to use.. Ive since then fitted a jewell trigger to it, to match my other R700. they come set at 1lb and to be honest, thats where it will stay. Really nice triggers to use and help with accuracy. I also had to have a tad taken out of the stock to allow the safety to function properly, but dont be put off, it took 5 minutes in the gunsmiths hands and it was really neat too.

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