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Thread: Ultimate stalking experience

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    Ultimate stalking experience

    What is the ultimate stalking experience here in the UK?

    My view, for what that is worth, is that all our stalking is nice but there is nothing to compare to stalking stags in Scotland. The highland stalking has everything from wonderful ground to hard physical work and at times great excitement. Stalking hinds on the same ground in winter comes a pretty close second I'd say. This mode of stalking also suits me as none of it takes place in the early hours of the morning; under no circumstances will I get out of bed early while on holiday or a day off.

    However, my stalking experiences are very limited, with most of my stalking being sika here in Ireland and a few days each year at Scottish stags and hinds. I've also tried roe deer in Fife (once) and found it interesting but was unsuccessful. With that in mind I'm interested in what others think is the best day out, stalking wise, that you can have?

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    For me it's got to be roe,early morning stalking thru wood,dog at heel,birds twittering,pine martens chasing squirrels in the trees up above,bliss.Even in the winter it's nice being in the woods yourself an your dog.Red are nice too until you have to get them out.specially the big ones
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    having stalked deer for many years I am still waiting for the ultimate its all good and relitive highland hinds in snow with cloud above and below .Roe in North Yorkshire on the coast a fine chestnut Buck on grass. 3 hours across clearfell in invernessshire for a sika .munties in oxfordshire barking at the butilo call .
    enjoy each one can never be taken away,

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    Got to agree with caorach, nothing like a day on the hill, be it with the rut in full swing and stags roaring all around or working hard to cull hinds in poor weather. The effort to beat 30 pairs of eyes and get in close is awesome. Highland reds for me!

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    Since 1961 I have shot 7 species of Deer from Muntjac to Moose but the highlight of my sporting year always was to stalk Sika on the Wicklow mountains of Eire.
    Hearing the eerie whistle of a rutting stag in fog is an experience in itself.
    Sadly some of my stalking companions there are now deceased but my memories live on, I hope they too got pleasure hunting my Roe and Reds here.


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    sika on the hill ,trying to stalk a stag will a hinds every where ,with out getting whistled at

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    For me its got to be stalking into a rutting Fallow buck. Hearing him deep in the forest , having to get past the does ,fawns and the other male contenders. Watching him move up and down his stand , pure magic for me .

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    Cheryll Cole


    wrong type of stalking

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    Once you hear the Sika start shrieking you'll be well and truly hooked for life, also getting one over a matriarch red hind on a highland hillside.......nothing better !!!

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    If you can make your way in stalking the Hinds, you'll manage anywhere.
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