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Thread: Polish boar and deer

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    Polish boar and deer

    I am getting out of the RAF in 2 years and going to live in Poland. I would like to know what sort of interest there would be in a business idea that my wife and I have had.

    We are thinking of setting up some accommodation and making arrangements with the local hunting union to have shooting holidays for boar and deer in the area. What sort of interest would there be?

    From what I can find out it seems an expensive thing to do, and I would like people like myself with a limited budget to have the opportunity to do this sort of shooting.

    The idea is that you could sell it to the wife as a family holiday where you get the chance to do a bit of shooting. I also want to cater for small groups just hunting.

    I want to know the level of interest, and what sort of facilities would be appropriate.

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    Im sure you will get plenty of interest if the price is right, some mates and i go on driven boar hunts its quite expensive for 3 days hunting, but great fun...


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    There is lots of interest in Driven Boar shooting in recent years but it is getting more and more expensive due to the fluctuating pound against the Euro.
    If you got a package together, either a set price with no trophy fees, which is sometimes a little more expensive than a trip where trophy fees are charged.
    Or a trip where for the first 'so many' boar are included in the price before more money is payable, then I am sure the interested parties on this site and others would patronise you rather than others.

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    Dzien dobry,

    get set up near enough to a town of historical interest.
    don't limit your self to hunting deer and boar,. there is some great fishing, some excellent cultural events and festivals all of interest to the city hopping field sportsman and his bride.
    Get to know the local brothels, drinking houses and nightlife. you won't only get married clients, you will get young lads looking to sow wild oats as well as wack a few boar. so accomodate. also good eating houses.

    Get to know the core players in the local hunting scene and not the waffle talkers. some of thgese hunting unions have vast stretches of land.
    Hard bargaining and be definate about what you expect to offer your clients, be carefull of hiden extras not mentioned.

    if you are looking at driven boar. the dog teams and beaters are what make or break a days driven boar, you can have a shed load of boar in every thicket, if the dogs and the beaters don't throughly do thier job, you wont get the boar moving, and the day will be crap.

    Ive some Polish contacts that i'll gladly pass on to you, ive not the time for hunting agency work these days,

    The Poles as a race, are by an large I would say the nearest kin to the English within Europe. There are some great folk over there, there are also some rip off merchants, Czy mówisz po polsku ? can you speak Polish ? I take it your good lady is Polish.
    drop me an email and I'll pass you on my contacts.



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    We're going to be in the Plock area, and will give some thought to the fishing side of things

    I don't like the idea of having stag weekends as if you get a load of drunken young lads that want to have a "good time" and may be do some shooting there will be problems with the local population. Once the louts have gone home, I'll have to live there. Money isn't the driving issue for doing this. It's too expensive for me to get started in this sort of thin without the family connections. I know I'm not alone in this and want to let others get a foot in the door. I'm not looking at compeating with the big firms that offer driven boar. I want to be smaller and more personal.

    I think most of the movers and shakers in the local unuion are family. I'll have to run this whole plan past them. They know the land best and how to get the best from it.

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    I certainly agree with your thoughts on 'Stag Weekends' but they are not normally associated with Driven Boar trips.
    They tend to stay in the City areas where, as you say, they can have a 'good time' with a different meaning to most attendees of Boar trips
    All/most gun owners, of the type needed for shooting Boar, are mature and like a drink or two but not ususally enough to affect their shooting the next day.
    There is always a 'party atmosphere' among shooters but usually the primary object is to get that elusive 'Big Boy' the one that doubles back as you think the drive is over
    Good luck with your venture, there are a lot of hurdles to jump but will be worth it in the end, you may even get a group that come back year after year and build up a friendship of a lifetime.

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    I have never done driven boar, just high seat shooting. Is driven boar the dogs? I loved being in the high seat (mozzys were a bugger though), but belive that there's more pomp and circumstance about a driven day.

    I think we'll have to see what others are offering and take it from there, there may be a market for something different. As I have said I want to attract the ordinary working man that may not have £2000 to blow on a few days hunting. I know I don't have that money to play with, but it seems like boar is an expensive game and as such alot of shooters can't play.

    I think it's all about the research.

    All the comments on here have been of great interest.

    The brothel idea didn't get past the Mrs filter. It's the biggest no I've ever heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigBenson View Post
    The brothel idea didn't get past the Mrs filter. It's the biggest no I've ever heard.
    Maybe she didn't like the idea of you doing the market research?

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    I think that's what she thought.

    That's not the route that we want to go down with the sort of trip that we want to offer.

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